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April 26, 2019




SOOOOO, it's been a while. Hi 👀


Jumping straight into it, tips to saving your coins in the city of London can be struggle... only if you want it to be. To be honest it's actually easy. Anyone who knows me 'knows me' knows I am the stingiest girl. If I could walk to my house from central everyday I would, if I could just wait and eat till I get home I would, however over these past years of saving my money I've learnt I'm only being super harsh on myself and not having fun with the money I work for.


True story: My friend used to live in Brixton Hill, I was going to her house one night and instead of catching the bus (to save £1.50) I decide to walk to her house however I went the wrong way when walking and ended up in Kennington with my laptop in my bag at 12 o'clock at night 


That is super dangerous and not a wise idea however at the time I was doing anything to save money, I even used to walk from Shoreditch to Oxford street somedays! I would starve myself all day to save money because I know that there is food at home however I'd be hungry all day. Sometimes I'd just buy a a packet of ginger biscuits and eat them for lunch/the duration of the time I was out my house. Don't get me wrong, if it is a nice day and I had time I will still walk from Brixton to Oxford Circus but now I would never put myself in a dangerous situation to save myself money!


Now, I have learnt to live a little, spend money, look after myself and save all at the same damn time....


  • Make sure you are saving money every week💸


Whether it's £5.00 or £200, it is still money you are putting away for something you are working towards or a rainy day which is always important (no matter what anyone tells you)


  • Treat yourself every now and then but make sure you don't make it a habit.

Always remember there is rice at home and if you don't actually need to eat out, cook at home. This week I have ate out all week which is a shock horror for me because I NEVER do that, however I know I'm saving my money plus I think I deserve it 💅🏾 but just remember to do it often (once a week) and not make things like that a habit. 


Super-markets always have food offers and look at the labels to know when the offer runs out. 

Sign up to their card promotions (Clubcard- Tesco, Nectar card - Sainsbury's) you get deals and money off your food



  • Not everyday Ubers🚗


Avoid catching the underground in-between peak times as prices go up and sometimes catching the bus can be quicker (depending on where you’re going) and it’s cheaper 


  • Free Food 🥐🍖🍗🍔🍟🌭🥩🍕🍝🍤


That £1.99 meal deal offer that Mcdonalds always have….. Sometimes it’s hard to get ahold of the voucher, lol click on the link below.


KFC also have an offer that if you sign up to their club you get 2 fee hot wings, click the link below


Anyone fancy a doughnut fan? Krispy Kremes also give you free doughnut when you sign up to their club



These are just a few tips to save your coins whist out and about in the city of London, let me know how it gets on for you







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