The Untold Truths About Life So Far... What they don’t tell you 🤔

March 5, 2019




nine to five JOBS HELP YOU OUT A-LOT 





Now when I mean people don’t care, I don’t mean you mum & dad. I mean the people you meet on a day-to-day basis. They may care about you in the moment but after you’re not in their presence they don’t care about you - if you’ve ate? If you got home okay (only if it’s late)? How your mum is? They are truly not interested and neither am I … and that’s okay. Not everyone has to care. The mistake I made is not understanding business and pleasure and when the lines are crossed


TRUE STORY - I met up with an associate not too long back (over 3 months ago). It was the first time we met up and because I felt so at ease with this person and feel connected and like we could be ‘friends’ I told the individual information in which I should have kept to myself. This information then got back to me from someone else


Now you maybe been thinking this girl 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 but this is what happens when you’re too trusting and don’t understand that everyone is not your friend, they just want something from you. Basically…. Trust very little



Creatives often have a public negative connotation on 9-5s. I do. You feel trapped, in prison almost however they help you A LOT. I used to work with an agency so I choose when I want to work, however I’m still working in retail, hospitality e.c.t. I do not take any of these jobs seriously 🙃 Even when I’m working and feel like I could be doing something better i.e interviewing an artist or be at an event however you always have to think this is going to benefit me in someway in the future i.e the money to invest into my future/craft


TRUE STORY - I worked two 8 hour shifts in one day (One in the morning & one in the evening) for 5/6 days in a week and a half to be able to fund myself and my videographer to go to Outlook Festival to film



This is not gospel, however at least once a week I feel like shit, hard shit. This is the day I make no instagram stories 😒. If you work in the creative industry I can guarantee you’ll feel like


You are not doing enough some days

“Why aren’t they answering my emails”📩

I need to be doing more


These days are not so great, however you have to find your happy place in these moments to get out



When you are non stop chasing a dream/goal, you end up sacrificing a lot. Whether that is having to walk from Kings Cross to Homerton 🚆 to save money or not seeing family, whatever your struggle or hustle it is complete normal to ‘do what you’ve got to do’. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t like to get to where you need to be. You have to remember that it is TEMPORARY



If you are naive and sometimes believe in the universe a little too much… this needs to stop. This will eventually drive you crazy and you’ll be easily be blinded to the most obvious things. Being strong is easily said than done, but the more you mentally put it into practice that you are strong 💪🏾 ... it will start to prevail 



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