DEAR 2018 🤪

December 4, 2018



I mean, I never thought I’d be the one to express my thoughts online, I hardly do it it person (Except my close ones). But looking back on this year, I have done some great things even though I feel like I could have be doing more. 


Currently listening to ‘Four of diamonds - Blind’ (Great song by the way) as I write this on the coach to London ill (tonsillitis), I am reflecting on this past year and speaking things into existence actually works. At the start of the year I put out into the universe that I wanted to pass my driving test, go to as many festivals as possible and interview artists & go abroad to a festival and film out there… I managed to conquer all 3 three. However because I did all three and not knowing that I actually could and have the power to, next year I’m going to put more things into the universe that are going to happen. You should try it! 🤔


Learning a lot about myself in how to handle work stress, relationships/friendships with people and not being so naive about peoples intentions - these are qualities that I am still am working on however will overcome in 2019. 


Meeting friends, loosing friends and falling in and out of love with life, this year has taught me a lot and I'm excited to see what 2019 has in store for a young buck.




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